Unify Communications with Microsoft Teams Phone

Good communication is vital to any company’s success. With businesses spending more and more on communications worldwide every year, there’s no question that companies are heavily investing in new solutions to improve their internal communications.

Many businesses are looking towards unified communications as the solution to the difficulties of business communication. Apps like Microsoft Teams are taking the spotlight in the modern remote workplace, and many organisations are finding them to be a critical factor in improving workflow and productivity.

We believe that implementing unified communications is one of the best ways to improve collaboration and productivity in your business. That’s why in this article, we’re going to explore the benefits of unified communications and how you can utilise Microsoft Teams as a unified communications solution today!

The Benefits of Unified Communications

As businesses look towards technology to enhance their businesses, it’s no surprise that companies have been ditching archaic communications solutions for unified communications. After all, there are many benefits —

Improved Efficiency, Productivity, and Flexibility

A unified communication solution enables your team to work to their maximum potential. By allowing them to access their communications platform anywhere and with ease, there’s added flexibility for remote workers and employees who travel.

Forrester also found that services such as Microsoft Teams can save up to eight hours a week when working. That’s a whole workday saved for most employees!

Cost Reduction

With the majority of unified communications solutions being cloud-based, this solution saves costs all over. You don’t need to spend money on different solutions for mobile calling, messaging, and video conferencing.

Also, rather than having to use your own server infrastructure — which can be expensive to set up and maintain — you can use cloud services, such as Microsoft Teams.

Unified communications are also easier to scale, as many providers have higher storage and archiving tiers that can be bought and implemented if your needs increase. 

Increased Simplicity and Ease Of Communication

Unified communications just make life easier for everyone. Rather than having to move between different platforms to talk to different people who may be on different devices, unified communications lets all of that take place without having to leave the app.

This is also great for collaboration, as unified communications can be great for file sharing and working with teams of multiple people on a project.  

Microsoft Teams as a Unified Communications Platform

Microsoft Teams is the most popular unified communications solution in the world, and it doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. 

Teams is the perfect addition to Microsoft 365, as it has comprehensive integrations with all other Office applications, such as Word, SharePoint, Outlook and OneNote.

After all, Microsoft Teams does everything you need. From messaging and calling, to collaboration and productivity, Teams is the industry’s leviathan. Even 91% of Fortune 100 businesses utilise Microsoft Teams within their organisation!

And, with Microsoft Teams outperforming its competitors in both functionality and users every day — you really don’t want to be left behind.

There’s no question that Teams is the best in the business, and can truly supercharge your company’s communications.

How Microsoft Teams Phone Can Benefit Your Business

Simplified Calling and Collaboration

Microsoft 365 has always been geared towards increasing workplace collaboration. Within Teams, an employee can start a meeting with internal or external users, and then create a document that can be worked on in real-time, with multiple collaborators. There are also tools for sending documents for review within Teams with automatic approval processes.

Teams Phone has all the features you would expect from a standard desk phone but is packed with digital and cloud functionality. For example, you can take and make calls using the on-screen keypad, or use the speed dial feature. You can easily merge calls and share your screen, allowing you to collaborate freely without limitation — instead of having to start a conference call or use legacy programs like Lync or Skype for Business.

These modern functions save significant time for employees. Rather than having to find contacts and get through to them with a physical handset, employees can just ring and carry on with their work on the same device as they wait for a response.

Unbounded and Flexible Communication 

Rather than being restricted to one device, Teams Phone allows you to transfer your calls between devices. With this, employees can switch effortlessly between being at a stationary desktop and moving to their phone whilst on the go.

Teams Phone also integrates effortlessly with the rest of Teams, meaning you can easily look at messages and work on documents within Teams whilst on a call. 

There is also a variety of Teams Phone enabled desk handsets for businesses that prefer traditional hardware, but still want the added functionality of cloud-based telephony.

All of this — and more — allows you to communicate with unbounded flexibility. Rather than forcing you to use their system, Teams Phone seeks to enhance and supercharge the rest of your infrastructure, and unleash your business’s full potential.

Advanced Communication Tools

Microsoft Teams Phone allows you to transcribe and record calls, which makes taking meeting minutes and keeping track of verbal agreements much easier. Clarity is key to any successful business, and both minutes and transcriptions ensure everyone is on the same page.

If required, Teams Phone also allows you to set up a menu system for external callers — meaning that you can direct them to the right department or operator with ease. 

Team Phone also allows you to utilise call queues to route phone calls to the right people in your organisation with ease. 

Finally, Teams Phone lets you collaborate in voice channels whilst taking calls in the call queue. With this, you can easily find answers to questions from your coworkers easily whilst helping people on the call queue, and find solutions much more efficiently.

Supercharge Your Communications With Microsoft Teams Phone

Unified communications is the future of modern business communication. With so many companies turning to Microsoft Teams as the best solution, there’s no better place to look!

Microsoft Teams integrates perfectly with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem, and its rich suite of tools and features can truly unlock your business’s full potential.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Get in touch and see how we can help today!