S.O.C as a Service

Continuous Monitoring and Breach Protection

With our S.O.C-as-a-Service, you get all the capabilities of a next generation Security Operations Centre without the cost and headache of managing one yourself.

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    Protect your network, cloud applications and data with the Cloud1  SOC, powered by User Behavior Analytics.

    We collect streams of security metadata for automatic correlations. Combined with threat intelligence, detect and provide alerts about security anomalies to predict where the next big threat will appear before it happens. All in real time and includes the full helpdesk response from our team in in the UK; monitoring, detection, alerting, hosted SIEM, O365 and Analytics.

    • Cyber monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

    • 100% visibility of all digital assets and vulnerabilities

    • Managed cloud-based SIEM

    • Real time notifications and alerts

    • Predictive Analytics & Risk Scoring

    • Simple monthly all inclusive 24x7 pricing

    • A cost-effective 'as a Service' payment model.


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    Security Operations Centre (SOC)

    Our SOC specialises in proactive network management. Our team of highly skilled operatives carefully monitor our customer's platforms and systems, in addition to alerts and other generated incidents. Our technical operatives will start work as soon as the alert is received.

    Depending on the our customer's requirement, they will either; work to resolve the incident as quickly as possible or follow the desired escalation path. For more information about outsourcing your SOC, please contact a member of our team to arrange a free consultation.

    Did You Know?

    A managed SOC could dramatically reduce the possibility of an intrusion

    5 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

    Support availability increases

    Improved response times

    Increased first contact resolution

    Fixed pricing and reduced costs

    Technical and Industry expertise

    What our customers say

    As a construction professional I would highly recommend Jon and Phil at Cloud1 for their cloud solutions. It's helped both me and my clients to develop a manageable IT infrastructure that is scalable to increased demand.
    Ben Austin
    Ben Austin Civil Engineering Ltd

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