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Our cyber security is trusted by thousands of businesses

Cyber Security without compromise

Our robust, scalable and cost-effective cyber security portfolio is trusted by thousands of businesses. We protect servers down to the endpoints from an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Our cutting edge Security Solutions


Server Security

On average it takes 206 days to identify a breach, Trusted Cloud's patented distributed hardware-backed whitelisting technology raises the alarm for ALL unauthorised server activity in seconds! Unlike other solutions, it tells you exactly where the breach is. Click here to discover more.


Gatekeeper for Office 365

    Gatekeeper for Office 365 offers advanced security, a cut above standard two-factor authentication. To access Office 365 a user must have:
    • A laptop with a valid pre-shared security key

    • A VPN connection

    • A central Office 365 password

    To fortify your data further, Gatekeeper offers additional layers of cloud security. The critical servers, including VPN access points are protected by Trusted Cloud. Click here for more info.


    Endpoint Security

    Our fully managed Endpoint Security comes with a team of highly trained security analysts dedicated to monitoring, analysing and remediating threats.

    Our solution is trusted by over 2,000 businesses. It protects Windows, Mac OS and Linux based endpoints and servers from malware and features ransomware rollback.

    Does your current enterprise cyber security leave your mobile endpoints vulnerable? Chat to us about zero trust, conditional access to data in our post-perimeter World.


    Password Policy

    More than 80% of data breaches occur from weak or compromised passwords. Our Password Policy solutions integrate with Active Directory. Enforce compliance requirements, blacklist over 1 billion leaked passwords and help users create stronger passwords.

    Scan your Active Directory for password-related vulnerabilities - We also have uReset, a self-service password reset tool and Password Sync - streamline auth for users with just one password for multiple systems. Contact us today!


    DDoS Attack Protection

    Our Internet Security stops all DDoS attacks. A fully managed, cloud-based DDoS protection service that’s been protecting thousands of websites for over a decade. Contact us to find out more.

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    I would highly recommend Cloud1 for their cloud solutions. They have helped and supported our digital transformation to cloud. Their continued support, guidance and knowledge is top quality.
    Ben Mahoney
    General Manager, Zoeftig Ltd
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