Bring documents into the digital era

Digitise paperwork with DocuSign. It’s a powerful cloud-based system for electronically signing documents that helps companies manage digital workflows from end to end.

DocuSign modernises paper-based workflows by introducing electronic signing solutions for digital documents. It automates processes including payment collections, and lets customers build powerful workflows to automate agreements and approval processes.

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    Customer benefits

    Any customer that has ever searched around for a lost physical file will benefit from DocuSign’s electronic signature capabilities. They can start small with basic document signing and build up to create digital versions of existing workflows.


    Streamline processes

    What took days on paper may only take minutes online thanks to DocuSign’s powerful digitisation and workflow capabilities.


    Reduce errors

    Paper-based processes are notoriously error-prone. Handwriting can be difficult to read, and people transpose incorrectly. Keeping everything digital reduces the chance of things going wrong.


    Audit trail

    Everything that happens to a digital document is recorded, meaning that auditors can review processes later. This is a paper trail that doesn’t need any paper, and an efficient compliance tool.


    Business transformation

    Companies that realise the power of digital workflows will quickly want to modernise manual processes using DocuSign’s extensive features.

    What our customers say

    As a startup, I need a reliable and professional IT service provider who I can trust. Cloud1's expertise allows my business to operate more efficiently. They tailor their cloud solutions for my needs today and have future proofed my IT for tomorrow.
    Director, Ethical Beauty Ltd

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