Trusted Cloud

Protect data and users with the fastest, most reliable intrusion detection.

Trusted Cloud – Making data breaches a thing of the past

Trusted Cloud is a cyber security solution that protects the data on your servers by using advanced cryptography and patented whitelisting techniques.

Trusted Cloud can be used to protect your business whether you are running your own data center or operating entirely from the cloud.

With this technology you can cut the time taken to detect a data breach from months to minutes, stopping the attackers before any damage can be done.

Did You Know?

On average it takes 206 days to identify a breach. Unchallenged, imagine the amount of confidential data a cyber criminal could steal. ​ Trusted Cloud's patented technology alerts you in seconds! Start Your Free 3-Month Trial

Why choose Trusted Cloud technology?


Trusted Cloud gives senior decision makers peace of mind!

  • Reduces your costs

    Significantly reduces the costs of security and compliance, detecting the breach before any damage has been done.

  • Fast response

    Identifies a data breach in seconds, not months!

  • Reliable verification

    Provides verification (independent of the cloud provider) that your data is safe.

  • Strengthens your network

    Protection against the weak link; people in otherwise strong IT defences.​​

What it does



Detect attacks in seconds, no matter how the attackers gained access to your systems. On average, it takes companies 196.7 days to identify that they have suffered a data breach.

With Trusted Cloud, any unauthorised code or modifications will be identified and flagged in seconds, allowing you to take action and stop the cyber-criminals in their tracks.



Discover attacks that would bypass your defences and go undetected by any conventional cyber-defences. Trusted Cloud uses hardware-backed distributed whitelisting to check all of the code and configuration on your servers in real time.

Any changes, no matter how small or carefully disguised will be flagged in seconds.



Prevent security lapses, social engineering and unintentional / malicious acts from employees. Even your cloud service provider is prevented from compromising your systems.

By using Trusted Cloud, you can eliminate data breaches even if they start with a slip-up from an authorised system administrator.

How it works

Trusted Cloud protects your critical data by ensuring that no unauthorised code can run undetected on your server infrastructure.

The technology employed is a cutting-edge approach called; distributed hardware-backed whitelisting. Every few seconds, each server in your estate will generate an audit list of all programmes and configuration that is running.

This list is digitally signed using a cryptographically secure hardware module. This audit data is then sent to one or more verification servers where it will be cross-checked against a previously generated and signed whitelist.

Even a single line of unauthorised code will be instantly detected and flagged.

Trusted Cloud

Detects all breaches in seconds not months!
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Flexible cloud security

Trusted Cloud can be installed to protect physical bare metal servers and Virtual Machines (VMs). Cloud1 can host VMs in our world-class robust cloud platform - Tier3 data centers in central London (Operated by Telecity) and in Newbury, West Berkshire.

Alternatively, Trusted Cloud can be installed on customer machines on premise or in a 3rd party private cloud.

In most cases, Trusted Cloud introduces no significant processing or memory overhead to the server.

What our customers say

As a startup, I need a reliable and professional IT service provider who I can trust. Cloud1's expertise allows my business to operate more efficiently. They tailor their cloud solutions for my needs today and have future proofed my IT for tomorrow.
Director, Ethical Beauty Ltd

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