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Edge to Edge Enterprise Security Platform.


Protect and future-proof your business from all known viruses and intruders with Cloud1's Endpoint Security

Business networks are being accessed by an increasing number of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and other wireless devices. As a result, security breaches are a more common occurrence. So, having the right cyber defences is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.

Data leakage, theft of critical information and file deletion not only impacts the running of your business. It can damage your reputation too.

This is where endpoint security comes in

We offer a best-in-class, fully managed, endpoint security solution that guarantees complete protection against hacking, cyber threats and ransomware.

Choose Cloud1 and you can secure your data with the most comprehensive cyber-threat protection available in the market today.

One platform to prevent, detect, respond, and hunt in the context of all enterprise assets. See what has never been seen before. Control the unknown. All at machine speed.

Why choose our fully managed endpoint security solution


The best defence

    • Future proofed cyber defences

      Threats are evolving all the time. Cloud1's Endpoint Security is agile, so it is able to address new areas of concern. With our endpoint security your protection against cyber threats will not only be up-to-date but it will also anticipate future threats.

    • Breaches are dealt with automatically in a robust way that keeps you compliant

      If a breach takes place, our Endpoint Security automatically repairs and rolls back any damage to your files, unlocks ransomware-locked systems and closes infection points to ensure your system's defences are constantly evolving with the latest threats.

    • Reports & compliance

      Following any breach it produces a forensics report for your records / compliance requirements.


    Business benefits

    • Save money

      Our endpoint security replaces the need for separate antivirus or malware software.

    • Operate at scale and still remain secure

      Transferring your security to the cloud won't compromise the level of protection you enjoy. However it will allow you to increase the scale you operate at and still remain secure.


    Powering your team

    • People power

      We don't just rely on the software to protect your IT. We have a dedicated team of security analysts providing the first line of defence for your business.

    • Intuitive visualisation

      Our software platform continuously runs a powerful and deep analysis of potential threat data, which is transformed into intuitive visualisations which allows our team of expert security analysts to take action and secure your network and data.

    • We're always switched on so you don't ever have to switch off

      Our security system monitors your network for threats in real time round the clock. It silently monitors all user and kernel space activity, so when threats are detected we stop them in their tracks regardless of their nature, allowing your business operations to continue uninterrupted.

    Summary of main features

    Summary of main endpoint security features

    What our customers say

    As a construction professional I would highly recommend Jon and Phil at Cloud1 for their cloud solutions. It's helped both me and my clients to develop a manageable IT infrastructure that is scalable to increased demand.
    Ben Austin
    Ben Austin Civil Engineering Ltd

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