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Delivering secure, reliable, cost-effective IT solutions

Fully managed Cloud IT as a Service

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Cyber Security Solutions

Robust, scalable and cost-effective security for your business

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Software as a Service

Your day-to-day IT management in our capable hands

Delivering secure, reliable, cost-effective IT solutions as a Service

The world is changing. How your business uses IT to grow and stay secure is changing too. Cloud is the future...We can help you upgrade your cloud today and future-proof it for tomorrow.

We are a cloud-based, managed IT service provider headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire. We offer the most comprehensive, flexible and cost effective cloud solutions available. Ones that will put your business ahead of the game.


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Free up your team to be the IT powerhouse your business deserves.

    • Rapidly Evolve

      Businesses are under increasing pressure to create an edge over competitors as technology continues to rapidly evolve.

    • Save Time On IT

      Instead of innovating and developing new solutions, many IT departments are stuck firefighting day-to-day IT issues.

    • Drive Growth

      Let us take that off their hands so that they can focus on being an IT powerhouse that drives growth in your business.


    Get flexible, secure, future-proofed IT support

    • Flexible IT Resources

      Our cloud-based managed IT services allow you to flex your IT resources, whilst staying completely secure.

    • Increase Productivity

      Increase staff productivity through remote working. Reap many other benefits too.

    • Tailored To You

      We tailor our services to your business’s current and future needs. So it’s your cloud, your way.


    You save money that you can reinvest in growing your business

    • Reduce Costs

      Use the cloud to set up world class IT infrastructure without the extensive capital costs associated with procuring IT hardware.

    • Cut Wastage

      Stop paying for licenses you don’t use. With Cloud1 you only ever pay for what you do use. In fact outsourcing to us could cost you less than what you are paying for unused licenses.

    • Improve Cashflow

      Invest the money you save in growing your business.

    What our customers say

    I would highly recommend Cloud1 for their cloud solutions. They have helped and supported our digital transformation to cloud. Their continued support, guidance and knowledge is top quality.
    Ben Mahoney
    General Manager, Zoeftig Ltd

    Our comprehensive cloud technology portfolio
    offers end-to-end solutions

    Leave your day-to-day IT management in our very capable hands. Invest more time & resource in what really matters... growing your business.

    Not a techie? You may have come across 'software as a service' and other related expressions, but what does 'as a service' actually mean?

    In the past, you business’s IT server had to be a physical server onsite. Your telephony had to involve physical hardware.

    Subscriptions to software packages were on fixed long term contracts only.

    The result was often lots of wastage plus the occasional unnecessary crisis – we’ve all heard of cases where cleaners have accidently unplugged the server!

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    Our technology partners

    Microsoft Silver Partner
    Cyberhive Partner
    Workspace 365 Partner
    VMware Partner
    DOS Arrest Partner
    Google Partner
    BT Partner
    Enterprise Red Partner
    Polycom Partner
    Stream Networks Partner
    Voice Simplified Partner
    OpenStack Partner
    Sentinel One Partner
    Lookout Partner
    Specops Partner
    Ribbon Partner

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    Our comprehensive cloud technology portfolio offers end-to-end solutions