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Hackers always target the weakest link

Get serious about password security!

Sometimes it's easy to neglect the basics in our efforts to combat increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. Overlooking weak/compromised passwords within your organisation could prove very costly. Verizon's 2019 DBIR reveals that:

80% of hacking-related breaches involve compromised and weak credentials.

Educating users through cyber awareness training and enforcing a robust Password Policy are essential. Together, they make a significant contribution to bolstering your cyber defences and require a nominal investment.

  • Do your current policies comply with regulations e.g. PCI Compliance & NIST?

  • Are your policies strong enough to withhold a brute force attack today?

  • Have you enforced NCSC best practices?

Unfortunately, Microsoft's Fine-Grained Password Policy (FGPP) still lacks a lot of the capabilities for meeting auditor requirements, regulatory standards, and the latest password recommendations from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our Password Policy solutions integrate with Active Directory to fill these gaps.

Why choose Cloud1 Password Solutions


Scan of your Active Directory now for password related vulnerabilities

Password Auditor is a read-only program, and available as a FREE download. The collected information generates multiple interactive reports containing user and password policy information. Identify out-of-date admins, expiring and expired passwords.

    Our Password Policy and Blacklist solution

    Enforce compliance requirements, block more than 2 billion leaked passwords, and help users create stronger passwords in Active Directory.

    Password Policy extends the functionality of Group Policy and simplifies the management of fine-grained password policies. The solution can target any GPO level, group, user, or computer with dictionary and passphrase settings.

    Blocking leaked passwords is an important password security practice that is recommended by security experts and industry regulators.

    The solution's extensive blacklisting capabilities ensure organisations are protected from compromised passwords continuously. Detect accounts using leaked passwords and enforce a password change.

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    Self-Service Password Reset

    Utilises claims-based identity to provide flexible multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a means of addressing the password reset security and flexibility needs of organisations.

    A self-service solution that enables end users to address the most common tasks related to password management including; forgotten passwords, locked out Active Directory accounts, and password resets and changes.

    This solution offers increased security and frees up your IT Help Desk.


    Password Sync

    Streamline passwords for users with just one password across multiple business systems. Password Sync instantly synchronises Active Directory passwords to domains, or other systems.

    This includes domains in the same forest/other forests, on-premises systems (e.g. Kerberos), and SaaS targets (e.g. Office 365). The tool enhances security by ensuring that password complexity applies to all systems consistently.

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    As a startup, I need a reliable and professional IT service provider who I can trust. Cloud1's expertise allows my business to operate more efficiently. They tailor their cloud solutions for my needs today and have future proofed my IT for tomorrow.
    Director, Ethical Beauty Ltd
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