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Secure servers – whatever the threat.

Ransomware used to be a passion project pursued by unethical hackers. Now it’s an industry valued at billions of Pounds. Cybersecurity as a wider concern is now mandatory for any business that wishes to avoid the catastrophic financial and brand damage caused by a breach or theft of data – and your servers are no exception.

Cloud1 stays abreast of this rapidly evolving threat on your behalf, working behind the scenes of your business and subscription to keep your data safe. Whatever your IT assets and cloud infrastructure, we promise to provide server security solutions & server security software that will protect your business – without eating into your working week.

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    Our solutions focus on providing realtime monitoring and threat identification, making it simpler to maintain continuous security across your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Available as a subscription service, our server security solutions and server security software provide a foundation upon which your data and virtual environments can safely rest.

    Benefit from robust security and granular control, whether your need is for rapid whitelisting and change control or detailed reporting on intrusion attempts.

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