Secure cloud technology for the manufacturing sector

More and more manufacturers are taking advantage of today's digital transformation with cutting-edge, agile, cost-effective cloud technologies from Cloud1.

Manufacturing companies are facing disruption and challenges caused by outdated IT systems that are no longer fit for purpose. These legacy systems are inflexible, often insecure and are simply unable to keep pace with the ever changing demands on IT synonymous with doing business in the 21st century.

Furthermore, outdated IT systems and processes inhibit manufacturers ability to innovate which ultimately impacts business growth and profitability.

Issues the manufacturing face with data security


Common challenges facing manufacturers:

    • Slow Growth

      Decreasing revenue growth.

    • Improving Sales

      Enabling greater selling, production and service agility with existing IT resources.

    • Compliance & Reporting

      Compliance reporting, quality management systems and reducing the time spent preparing for audits.

    • Aligning Systems

      Aligning current systems to how people work by improving usability.

    • Supply Chain

      Supply chain visibility and collaboration.

    • Improve Production

      Improve production quality and accuracy by not having a product-based system of record.

    • IT Integrations

      Integrating existing IT systems to support new business models that need new distribution channels.

    • Customer Experience

      Improving the user experience of customer-facing, self-service applications across all channels.

    The Solution

    Cloud1 has a proven track record in guiding manufactures of all sizes though the process of digital transformation. Our cutting-edge end-to-end cloud solutions are tailored to the specific IT requirements of our customers. All are IT services are delivered 'as a Service' allowing our clients to only pay for what they use.

    Software solutions from Microsoft such as Office 365 allow our customers to make use of a wide range of business applications that help increase flexibility, collaboration and productivity.

    Our cloud-based Telephony gives the businesses we work with the ability to stay connected globally on a simple innovative platform that is feature rich, versatile and cost-effective. Furthermore, our Unified Communications solution integrates with most CRM software and systems such as Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

    Cloud1's best of breed Security solution gives our customers piece of mind knowing that their data, staff and endpoints are always secure. Our solution detects all known and unknown threats within seconds, following detection we swiftly quarantine all infected files. Our endpoint security then automatically disconnects infected machines from the network. Our team of security specialists is also alerted so we can manually intervene and prevent propagation. We immunise your machines in real-time against the latest exploits and viruses.

    At Cloud1, we ensure that our clients have the Connectivity that keeps them ahead of the game! Fast and reliable internet access that suits their needs today and in the future. Our secure private networks allow businesses to securely scale, even over several sites without sacrificing any sophistication in functionality.

    Our solutions ensure you only pay for what you actually need.

    What our customers say

    As a startup, I need a reliable and professional IT service provider who I can trust. Cloud1's expertise allows my business to operate more efficiently. They tailor their cloud solutions for my needs today and have future proofed my IT for tomorrow.
    Director, Ethical Beauty Ltd
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