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There have been a number of recent high-profile security breaches of law firms mainly due to how easy it is for those with malicious intent to access in-house computer networks. Other common causes of data breaches within the legal sector include:

Issues the legal sector face with data security


Are you aware of these critical issues?

    • Client Data

      Law firms harbouring client data in-house (as opposed to adopting a secure cloud environment).

    • Security Risks

      The security risks associated with giving employees access to data remotely.

    • Defence Policies

      Lack of investment in instilling sound cyber security defence policies.

    • No Protection

      No protection against Malware, Ransomware, Phishing attacks and the Unknowns.

    • Legacy Systems

      Using legacy operating systems that are no longer supported by suppliers such as Microsoft. This poses a threat to data security, as vulnerable operating systems create pathways for cyber-attacks.

    • Lack of Awareness

      Lack of employee security awareness.

    The Solution

    Truested Cloud

    Cloud1's Infrastructure and Server Security solution; 'Trusted Cloud.' Trusted Cloud offers heightened security through the advanced use of distributed whitelisting that defeats hackers & malicious admins and eliminates the devastating affects of security lapses.

    Server Security

    Endpoint Protection

    We also provide best in class Endpoint protection against cyber threats. When a breach takes place, we detect and protect you against known and unknown threats. We remove all traces of the malware and provide you with a forensics report (for your records / compliance requirements).
    Endpoint Security

    IT Infrastructure

    With Cloud1's Infrastructure your data is held within our Tier 3 UK data centres with full backup management. You will have the ability to run whatever operating systems and software you like safely and securely on your server/s, with your own access policies.
    Infra structure

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