Cyber security and data handling for the education sector

Cost-effective, simple and secure cloud solutions which are perfected for schools, colleges and universities.

Educators and students alike often comment that outdated, inflexible IT systems entrenched within their university or college frustrate them and often inhibit effective learning, remote working and collaboration. Also, outmoded IT often presents loopholes for hackers to exploit and places a significant strain on the IT Helpdesk personnel providing support.

More and more academic institutions are taking advantage of today’s digital transformation with cutting-edge, agile, cost-effective cloud technologies from Cloud1. Cloud Workspace with Office 365 and Endpoint Security will put you ahead of the game!

Why choose Cloud 1 for your organisation's educational data management?


Cloud Workspace

    Cloud Workspace brings together all applications in one secure browser. A personalised dashboard presents students, teachers and support staff with a complete overview, they can access everything with just one log-in.

    Easy collaboration and remote working are provided through a secure, mobile desktop environment available on any device, any time. Our smart working technology also features:

    • Role-Based

      Role-based access to apps - make an application available to an individual or group of students / staff and give them the ability to add apps themselves with only three clicks.

    • Simplified Management

      Simplified management - Cloud Workspace links to current user-management systems. As a result, IT support can deploy our solution within 24 hours.

    • Simplified Office 365

      Simplified Office 365 - Open and edit documents easily through a simple SharePoint and OneDrive interface. No customisation necessary.

    Recent Surveys & Findings

    In the Jisc Cyber Security Posture Survey 2018, UK universities and colleges were asked what they felt are the top cyber security threats they face. Phishing / social engineering ranked first, closely followed by ransomware / malware.

    Our advanced Endpoint Security provides the most comprehensive protection from cyber threats. UK universities and colleges are likely most worried about phishing because of the complexity of attacks and perceived lack of security awareness amongst users. Indeed, studies suggest that despite cyber security awareness training, 30% of phishing emails get opened & 12% of those users click on the malicious attachment / link.

    Phishing attacks can trick end users (via social engineering) into downloading malware onto their device. Our Endpoint Security protects staff and students from all forms of malware, it even protects them against ransomware by rolling back encrypted or deleted files to a safe state. Our best in class security solution also features:

    • Support for Windows, Mac OS and Linux based endpoints & servers.
    • ​​A team of highly trained security analysts dedicated to monitoring, analysing & remediating threats.

    Upgrading your IT with us costs less than you think. Our cloud-based solutions are all delivered 'as a Service' with simple monthly billing. IT costs are further reduced by our Microsoft license buy back scheme and the ability to increase / decrease Microsoft Office 365 license volumes within 24 hours.

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