Cut the time it takes to identify a data breach down to seconds

Globally, the mean time to identify (MTTI) a data breach increased by 6 days last year to 196.7. (Ponemon Institute, 2018).

Left snooping around unchallenged, imagine the amount of confidential information a cyber criminal could steal in six and a half months! Cut the time it takes to identify a breach down to seconds with Trusted Cloud – the most advanced cloud security available.

Our new cutting-edge cyber security solution brings a step change in securing data and IT infrastructure. It’s unique combination of hardware-based cryptography and white listing technology protects servers from ALL unauthorised activity and malware. It stops hackers in their tracks and protects your organisation from internal threats e.g. a rogue system administrator or accidental actions by employees.

Watch our latest Trusted Cloud webinar; ‘Detecting data breaches’ presented by Alan Platt (COO at CyberHive):

Detecting Data Breaches

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