Cloud Computing Driving Innovation For Next Generation

Innovation has always been driven by three major factors- necessity, wherein, a problem needs to be solved, attitude or eagerness to find solutions, and the resources to fuel the innovation. When it comes to resources, Cloud has certainly become the driver for Innovation. When it comes to resources, Cloud has certainly become the driver for Innovation.

Start-ups and organisations working on innovations are required to be flexible and ‘nimble on their feet’, and therefore able to change, adapt and re-allocate resources as and when required – and be able to do so quickly. To supplement that, the inception and rise of cloud computing has been a necessity of sorts. The Cloud has seen a remarkable growth in the last few years and cloud adoption in India is happening at a rapid pace. If one follows the growth path of cloud in the country, the adoption of cloud services has seen a rise irrespective of the industry type and the size of business. A key feature of cloud computing is the sharing of server space, hardware and other resources by a companies and individuals. Therefore, as a result, an innovator need not spend unnecessary resources and man-hours on the maintenance of in-house servers.

Given its huge potential, cloud is driving innovations in various verticals such as Government, Health, Clinical research, manufacturing, railways, banking, retail, and education. Here are a few examples:

Cloud in Transport Management

Advances in cloud computing and Internet of things (IoT) provide a promising chance to resolve the challenges caused by the increasing transportation problems. Cloud based, IOT enabled Public transport system, and Cloud based platform for Self Driven cars should be the breeding ground for the next level of Innovations for the efficient transport system for a large country like ours.

Cloud Services in government

The Government of India is implementing cloud computing technology to expand its e-governance initiatives throughout the country. The focus of e-governance is to reduce corruption and guarantee the government schemes are reaching people living in rural areas of the country. Initiatives ensure quicker service delivery and eliminate the involvement of middlemen, to decrease discrepancy through ulterior involvement. 

Cloud adoption in manufacturing

Since 2010, CIOs in Indian manufacturing have started espousing cloud models and this is highlighted through various research studies and industry circles. Some of the most prominent application areas that cloud-based computing assist are CRM and supply chain applications that provide better connectivity to external stakeholders and customers. 

Cloud in Healthcare industry

For the healthcare industry, cloud services represent an enormous opportunity. Storing, archiving, sharing and accessing images in the cloud allows the industry to manage data more efficiently and cost-effectively while overcoming many of the legal, regulatory and technical challenges that data requirements pose. The cloud enables hospitals to efficiently handle large bandwidth images, manage authentication, encryption and security protocols, and expand or contract storage capacity easily as needed.

Cloud in Clinical Trial management

Cloud based solutions provide unparalleled analytical power of disparate, complex clinical trials data. Advantages of using

Cloud-based clinical solutions are:

– Improved study control: Each trial location can be monitored in real-time, for data entry professionals and requirements. Better control also facilitates cross-site collaboration.

– Real-time reporting: Cloud-enabled reporting provides top-quality data for risk-based monitoring (RBM), by making data available in real-time with no data transfer lag time.

– Device diversity: The ability to access data from any device, for example a mobile, laptop, tablet or workstation, means that the physical location of the study, those involved, and the data, do not have to be considered.

As a reference platform for doctors and medical specialists from various fields from around the world to interpret medical images from challenging clinical cases. Cloud computing is set to change the fabric of operations as we move into a generation of augmented services to secure guaranteed returns.

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