Beef up your Cyber Security for 2019

Three-quarters of UK businesses (73%) and more than half of charities (53%) say that cyber security is a high priority for their senior management. However, a sizable proportion of businesses and charities still do not have basic protections or have not formalised their approaches to cyber security.*

Although the majority of senior management recognise that cyber security is a high priority, implementing sound defences on the ground seems to be lagging. This is worrying given that our government is now being urged to name and shame companies whose cyber security measures fail to protect consumers’ data.

Businesses who are breached now face huge fines under GDPR. Less easily quantified; damage to their reputation and therefore customer loyalty for failing as custodians and not keeping confidential data safe. In the age of an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape with tightening data protection legislation, investment in cutting-edge cyber defences should be top of your 2019 New Year Resolutions.

This is where Cloud1 can help. We specialise in cyber defence, delivering a comprehensive IT security portfolio ‘as a Service’. You can therefore beef up your security whilst reducing CAPEX.

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